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You don’t have to like me.

You don’t have to like me.

You don’t have to approve of me.

You don’t have to feel me.

You don’t have to agree with me.

You don’t have to like, agree, or approve of my decisions.

Because I will still be me, because I’m just me. I am not you. I’m allowed to be myself, to make my own choices, to express myself, to feel what I feel, to think what I think, to have my own thoughts. Yes, I am allowed to do these things, along with any & every other thing that I feel or know to be good for myself; including things that I will not do.

This is my birthright. To be free, to be me. No human can give or take this away from me, or anyone else.

You have this same right for you, too.

The only right you and I do not have, is to infringe upon anybody else’s rights. Our right to live; to truly LIVE; in our WHOLENESS. Hence, the free will everyone always talks about yet never respects nor hardly ever implements.

I care about myself now. I finally want what is best for me. I know some people will be mad about this, especially when they see me going through with it, but I don’t care. Like I said, you ain’t gotta like it…but I’m still gonna do what I have to do for me.

And only I can know what is truly good for my Being. Not any other human.

Call it what you will, I know the list. This is not self-indulgence or self-absorption or anything else under the Narcissus umbrella. No, that is just you projecting yourself onto me.

This is True Love.

How can I truly love & respect the Earth and all creatures within it, without truly loving & respecting myself first? For they are One and the same.

The Tribe of Realness knows tho..they know…we know 😉


I WILL Find Out.

In knowing that people will ultimately do whatever is in their true nature to do, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to change that:

Go right ahead. Be lowkey sheisty. Creep around on me. Try your bullshit. Paint up a beautiful mask for yourself… But alls I can say is, enjoy that masquerade while it lasts.

Because I will find out.

It will be revealed to me.

(& 99% of the time you reveal yourself cuz YOU can’t even keep up with your bullshit)

And even when you may think you have me fooled…well, don’t fool yourself yet again. Because even when (because it is only a matter of when) my intuition sniffs out your pathetic games, that doesn’t always mean I will instantly let you know that I know. Shit, I might just allow you to dig your grave deeper & deeper. I might just let you think I’m stupid enough to buy in to your charade… Because by insulting my intelligence this way, you are in all actuality insulting your acclaimed “intelligence”.

So by all means, try me. But don’t be so damn shocked when you realize that I’m on to you..that I’ve BEEN on to you.

Oh, but what am I saying? I know how the Wétiko “holy fuck I’m exposed” rage goes… Actually, I know how the entire Wétiko plot line plays out. So. 🙂

And while you may have yourself convinced that you’re gathering up ammunition from & for going against me, please reconsider. Because I know myself, my Being; and unlike you, I have absolutely nothing to hide & there’s absolutely nothing that could make me second guess this knowing…. And THIS is called S O L I D I T Y. You can’t move nor see through that which is solid; that which is the opposite of your unsustainable & so utterly predictable transparency. So good luck.

Tolerance level for fake ass bullshit = ZERO. Ain’t got time for it. Been surrounded by “the game” since I exited the womb.

That’s all I will say for now. Take it how you wanna take it, I don’t give a damn.

Duh 101/I Know Y’all Don’t Hear Me Tho: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACE.

Point blank. There is no such thing as “race”… What the fuck is “race” anyway? Where the fuck are y’all racing to? Who the fuck y’all racing for? What the fuck are y’all gonna win when you reach the finish line of this race?

WHY the fuck are y’all even racing to begin with?

WHO the fuck started this race?

WHO the fuck came up with the CONcept of “race” AND WHY?!

Why, why, WHY the fuck does nobody ever ask WHY THE FUCK?

Shit, even SCIENCE has proven there’s no such thing as “race”…and y’all are STILL racing? Somewhat shocking in itself because I know how you all loooove your Almighty, Omnipotent Science.

I’m not even over here saying it’s non-existent to sound all New Agey & pseudo-spiritual, pseudo-peaceful or pseudo-anything. It just is what it is, hence DUH 101.

Sad that this kinda shit even needs to be stated in the first place. Sad that those few real beings left who feel the need to even have to break any of this shit down for their fellow human BEings… Sad that it doesn’t matter if your Big Science or ANYONE explains the obvious, because y’all STILL will not listen. And SAD FOR YOU ALL that you will never know Life/Love; Unity; Wholeness…sad for you when you finally realize how POINTLESS this is, IF you ever do.

…sad that when it all boils down, you all actually love to hate. You get off on all the violence. You thirst for blood. You salivate over & get a kick outta running in the race that ANOTHER motherfucker put in place FOR you out of THEIR hatred, all so you can feel like you’re somehow above someone else. See, it is JUST THAT. In all actuality, it really ain’t even about the shade of your skin: it’s about your HATRED for Life & y’all are just using this made-up concept as an excuse or an outlet for your hatred…

Yes, you ALL (& I don’t say “we” because for one there obviously is no “we” anymore; and because I personally have chosen to NOT perpetuate this) have internalized the hatred of “they”, the Colonizers; the Wétiko… hatred for your, OUR people. Hatred for Life. Hatred for Love. Hatred for Peace. Hatred for Wholeness…Oneness.

Y’all STAY missing the point. Always.

Y’all STAY buying into ALL their goddamn divide & conquer tactics, because THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THEM.

“They” NEED us. They NEED us all to stay fighting amongst each other, distracted by all these CONcepts.

We have ALL been enslaved. Every single “culture”. By THE SAME goddamn FEW greedy faggot cannibal entities.

And um, last time I checked, greed/lust/perversion/hatred is not limited to any one goddamn skin tone.

Last time I checked, we all bleed. We all bleed fucking red. We all have the SAME bodily compositions… Take out a knife & carve out a chunk of everybody’s flesh and it will all look the exact same.

Last time I checked, we all turn to dust & ashes, aka THE EARTH, when we die.

Last time I checked, we’re not walking crayons.

Last time I checked, NO group of peoples with lighter/darker SHADES of skin came from some distant “galaxy” (another CONcept) to dominate the “lower” “species/races”.. Because that’s what y’all are saying with the whole “race” shit. That one person is more or less HUMAN than the other with a different skin tone.

Last time I checked, we all come from the same Source. We all have the same Creator.

…oh but wait. All the doctrines & dogmas & “holy books” y’all got that justify racism & genocide slipped my mind. And I am too tired to even poke at that. From the Bible to Evolution…it’s all one & the same.

Oh and then don’t let me go into how you all place YOUR VERY IDENTITY in this shit.

Anyway, I know y’all don’t hear me. That hatred & greed is blaring too loudly up n out your ears… So, carry on, as I know you will.

I could go on & on, but let me just close this rant with this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with truly & purely enjoying wherever on the spectrum of Life you were created, or your true “culture”, but if you believe in the CONcept of “race” PERIOD… then you are a racist. Either straight up own that shit, or shut the fuck up about it altogether….cuz this isn’t even the point.

And how fake, superficial, immature, and RETARDED do you have to be to fight about someone else LOOKING different from you?!! LMAOOO

Forgiveness is Bullshit

“Forgiveness,” is indeed, bullshit.

And what’s really fucked up is how most people, when you hold them accountable for the fucked up shit they’ve done, will dismiss you & shift the blame (among other ways as well), by saying that you’re simply holding a “grudge.”

Maybe one day when I’m feeling up to ventilating on this particular topic, I will.. but for now, this post sums it up perfectly.

-> Source: Forgiveness is Bullshit <-