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Why are you addicted to “drama”?

… Within the context of “relationships” …
When it’s been proven that you all really don’t give a fuck about others, that shit flips around real quick the moment something “bad” happens to those you fucked over. The moment something juicy happens for you to gossip about, something for you to insert yourself in, a time where you can yet again pretend that you have a sense of “humanity”.

Why? Because you thrive off of drama. You are fucking addicted to it. It’s your favorite drug of choice… Addictions to drama, violence. A fetish, an utter fascination with evil; it’s nourishment to your Wétiko disease.

It’s just like you’ve been surviving on some shitty quality drug. Then you hear that the real good shit is in town. And oh, you GOTTA have it. You’re willing to say and do any damn thing to get just one single hit of that grade A shit. Anything to get your fix. To get a piece of the cake to perpetuate your hate. The high, the rush is like no other.

So then you will pretend you care again… As if somehow deep down, in that gaping dead hole where your heart & soul used to be, you still have “love”. HA. Please take several fucking seats.

All this talk of wanting “peace”, but yet you really cannot bear the thought of sitting in the beautiful stillness of true Peace & Love. You don’t want Peace. I mean look at yourself…so goddamn antsy and restless without that drama. You dunno what to do with your damn self.

The same ones always moaning & groaning “fuck the drama”, yet it follows you everywhere? No, you follow it, and when there is none, you create it.

People who truly hate drama, generally don’t have that much, if any all, in their lives… Because we don’t tolerate it. And we stray from the toxic waste tweakers as described above.


No One is separate from the Whole of Life.

One thing I’ve really been seeing lately is how the majority of you “humans” really do not give a fuck about how your shitty actions affect everyone around you. How your awful behavior directly affects the Web of Life itself. Y’all just do not care.

You think it’s all about you. You think the shit is some isolated thing, you think you & your actions are separate from the Whole. Therefore you arrogantly think that you can treat others any type of way. You think you can do whatever type of fuckshit and it not have any consequences.

Whether you think that you can get away with hurting someone else, and not see that in turn you are also hurting yourself. Or even if you think that you’re only hurting yourself, yet you are also hurting all Life around you as well…

Nothing and no one is truly separate. Everything you do has some type of ripple effect that will still be playing a part generations from now.

But, as I said, I know most of you don’t give a single fuck.

Transformative Magic: Embracing my Dark Side

Because I learned I can reblog things… 🙂

“It’s easy to recognize how a world of continuous darkness would be bad. Life would die because life cannot function without light. It’s easy to see how a world of continuous rainfall would be bad. I’ve seen the floods and destruction that come with a few too many days of rain. But I rarely question the destruction that would surely follow a world that was always sunny. There are times where there is too much sun; it’s called a drought. But I never think about droughts when thinking about excesses of something!”

If it’s one thing that I have truly learned, is that my full array of emotions are not “bad”. That I am ALLOWED to feel however I feel. And you are too. One major process that I’m still undergoing on my journey is allowing myself to feel all those things that I was forced to suppress since I was a little girl. The motto being “FEEL SO YOU CAN FUCKING HEAL!” …and not only that, but actually show some Compassion for myself where it was needed so long ago.

So very painful sometimes. But it is so necessary. And though I may go through periods of feeling fragmented, this is what makes me Whole. Almost as if by feeling & nurturing those parts of me, I am retrieving the “lost fragments” of myself that make up who I truly am as a Whole Woman.

Only abusive people shame others for their so-called “negative” emotions, or for having emotion period.

Just feel it baby, feel it.


In a previous post, I gave a sneak peak into some of the things I would talk about, including one on how “negative emotions are good.” I’ve had requests from several people for more on that, so I thought now, with the approach of Samhain, would be a good time to approach this topic.

We live in a culture where certain emotions are viewed anywhere from simply “negative” to downright “wrong” or “sinful.” No matter where you go, the general consensus is that these emotions need to be resisted, “released” (one of my favorites of the coercive terms because it sounds so innocent. Right up there with “forgive” or “just get over it”), or not even felt if you’re a “good person.” The taboo on emotions is especially strong surrounding sadness for men and anger for women, but it’s pretty safe to say that, in general, “negative emotions” just…

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Dear reader

Some buffalo medicine.

Yes. This is your life, your unique journey. Happening right this very second. Be still, breathe, and embrace this for all that it really is. There are many “presents” in this present presence.

Milena's Gentle Rain


When your eyes hoover over this piece of text, can you take this as a sign to remember your breath?

Can you let go for a moment of your story, of all the reasons why your life isn’t as it should be and just lean in to the present moment?

You are safe and held here. Can you feel that? Can you feel how your breath relaxes and deepens when you remember that you are here, that your worries are mere castles of air in the sky and that they dissolve once you tune into your breath and put a gentle stop to the treadmill of your ever-recycling thoughts?

Please take a moment to contemplate the miracle that your body is. You are alive, you are breathing, your heart is beating and this all happens for you, naturally. Life wants you here, wants you to survive and to thrive, wants…

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