Monthly Archives: March 2016

Pain is pain.

It’s definitely good to recognize that someone out there — someone you know, or don’t — “has is worse” than you… As it’s been said, someone always has it worse than another… But that is still no reason to trivialize your pain and suffering. It’s okay to admit to, or embrace, or “complain” about, or even feel your pain. Just because someone else may have it “worse” in one way or another, by no means makes your pain less important. Yes, it is good to recognize this, but please do not trivialize or compare your pain to another being’s. Pain is pain, suffering is suffering nonetheless on any level; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually… Whatever it may be. There is no need to shame yourself or anyone else like this. Guilt is the last thing a hurting soul needs projected onto them.

It is good to be grateful for the things that do genuinely bring you (even a teaspoon) of joy, that others may not “have”. But pain is pain. Please, do not dismiss it or invalidate it.