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In taking responsibility for myself, I do blame you.

I will blame you.
Because you are to blame.
You are to be held accountable for your actions. For your shitty abusive behavior.
Because it wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t a mistake. You chose.
And no, I will not “forgive” you, because you are not sorry at all.
You won’t even look at yourself.

“Take responsibility”?
Take responsibility for what exactly?
I didn’t cause the harm you did to me. I didn’t ask for it.

“Take responsibility” for the part I played in it all?
I didn’t “play” anything. I wasn’t assuming any “role”. No, that is what you did. That is the only way you could deceive.
Giving my Love, my soul, my Care, my Compassion is not a role. It’s not some game piece I moved around on your board.

I was simply being.
And you purposely violated my being. You purposely stole my spirit. You purposely exploited my Love.
You took my Love and treated it as weakness. You spit on it as if it was filth.

This is to you, individual.
This is to you, parasitical Wétiko cult-ure as a whole.

I will blame you. For you are to blame.

I will no longer be shamed into silence.
Call it what you will in attempts to do just that: “resentment”, “bitterness”, “dwelling”. Even “stuck in the ‘past'” (as if “the past” doesn’t have anything to do with RIGHT NOW). Yeah, I know the list, I know the script.

No, this is Anger.
Coming straight from the fiery depths of Love and justice HERself.

I know who I am.
I know what you are.
I know the Truth.
And this is it.

It isn’t over.
You will get what you deserve.

And every day, little by little, you already do… For you are trapped inside your own Hell. Already being tormented. Already being burned alive, feasted upon by the maggots that is your disease. Trying desperately to escape through all futile external means. Trying to drag my kind, my people, my family, the very Earth, into your Hell with you. Trying to steal our “light” in an attempt to make it your own, in attempt to camouflage your sickness.

Why should I, why should we (Life, Love, the ones who embody it) have to be the ones to watch our backs?
Why should we have to be told in the first place to be wary?
Why should we have to be taught to be careful to whom we share our Love and soul with?
And we aren’t even told this until the aftermath. When we are left, alone, to have to pick up the pieces of what you tried to destroy.
When we are left, all by ourselves, to try to find our way back to our souls through the muck of lies you left behind; having to purge ourselves of the residue of your parasitical disease? Your lies.

…as if this shit is natural. As if your illness is normal.
As if we’re the ones who are ill.
As if we’re the ones who are weak, deranged and insane…
It is not. We are not.

…but as I’ve said, the clocks of our bodies continue to tick; tick in alignment with the very pulse of Life…

This is me “taking responsibility”.


Woman never wanted this

Woman never pretended to be anything She wasn’t.

Woman never sought to control.

Woman never saw Herself as anything but equal to All.

Woman never wanted anything more than Love.

Woman never wanted any blood shed but the one from Her womb.

Woman never wanted any “power” but the kind She rightfully had over Herself.

Woman never wanted you to “bow down” but walk beside Her.

And yet, somehow She was the one that needed to be destroyed? Somehow She is the one that is “weak”? Somehow She is the evil one? The one needing to be stopped? The one needing to change?

You know these things.

You know that Woman is Life.

You know that Woman is true.

You know that Woman is peace.

You know that Woman is all things good.

That is why She is the threat.

She is the threat to your hatred. Your inflated ego. Your delusions. The threat to all the lies that uphold your false sense of dominion.

You know.
She knows.

Lies always self destruct.
And the clock of our bodies continue to tick.
The fury of Love continuing to grow, fester, gather fuel and momentum…
Waiting to fully unleash.
Waiting for, yes, your judgement day.

Your Judgement Day, our Independence Day.

The Truth is the Truth, regardless of whether you choose to accept it or not.

So, basically every “religious” doctrine says, or followers of that doctrine say, that the truth is the truth. We’ve all heard that the truth will still be the truth even if you think it’s a lie, yada yada, ect ect. There’s even some people apart of these cults that say the truth is hard wired into our very beings.

Yes, yes. This is true.

But in that simple statement being true… If your chosen “religion” is the truth, then why do you need a book to tell you this? Why do you need preachers & ministers, churches & temples on every corner of every street? Why do you need to send so many missionaries/crusaders all around the Earth?

Aka, why do you need to constantly REINFORCE it?

Because in Truth speaking for itself, in Truth being APART of us; something we cannot escape, something that just is, all encompassing, naturally hard wired into us: it would happen just like that. The Truth would NATURALLY unfold, NATURALLY be revealed, with no force of any kind involved. No one else would have to tell it to you, for it would all come on it’s own. Aka, NATURALLY.

It wouldn’t need to be something that’s taught constantly. Preached constantly. And creating wars constantly. FORCED.

It wouldn’t be something that would cause (and have to JUSTIFY at that) genocide & rape of millions upon millions. It wouldn’t be something that would wipe out entire fucking groups of peoples.

If the truth is the truth, you wouldn’t need to go around forcing it on people.

You wouldn’t need to fight about it, argue and debate about it.

If you’re so certain that your shit is “the real truth”, then why do you get so aggressive & hateful towards those who do not agree with you?

Why do you feel the need to try to CON-vince and CON-vert them? Why MUST they “believe” as you do?

You’ll say “live & let live”, but why don’t you? You speak of “free will”, but why do you infringe upon it?

Because again, if you know that the Truth is already present within us, then you wouldn’t get so butt hurt, because you’d already know what it is, and you’d be solid in that knowing and TRUST. You wouldn’t seek to CONTROL that person. You wouldn’t try FORCING your shit on them. Aka, you wouldn’t rape them.

Then you have the audacity to say that you “love” them, that you’re “concerned for their soul”. If that’s true, why would you force anything upon them? Why would rape someone you love? And in being concerned for their soul, wouldn’t you want them to genuinely choose from the depths of their souls? Make that choice for themselves?

Love is not forceful, manipulative, conniving, controlling, or painful. PERIOD.

Only do LIES have to constantly be reinforced by external means because in being lies, they simply cannot uphold themselves. They naturally crumble in the face of Truth. They naturally dissolve away when left alone.

In other words, it’s very painfully obvious that your bullshit is just that: bullshit. Lies. Evil.

And deep down (again, the Truth being in our being), you already know that what you spread around is filth & disease & evil. Because if it were truly Truth, truly rooted in Love as you claim, then fear & hatred & coercion would not come of it ever (ironic then, how those very things are what it was built off of). Nor would you be so insecure in the face of opposition (real or perceived).

And the majority of the time, the majority of you don’t even know what it is that you’re truly claiming to “believe” in. Because SOMEONE ELSE told you what was “truth”, and you just take it at face value without ever asking YOURSELF first. You automatically subscribe to the main tools used to enslave and massacre MILLIONS. You honestly think that the Slave Masters are going to give us the real truth, that which will set us free from their oppression? They are the very ones who wrote the shit. And you all see how easy it is for someone else to write a book and call it “THE truth”, and still, YOURS is somehow “the right one”? (Hence the “Christian vs Muslim” bullshit, just two sides of the same coin)

Most of you do not authentically think for yourself. Not only that, but when it comes down to it, YOU don’t even “believe” in it. Because again & again, your actions show that you do not truly respect/worship the idol you claim. You don’t even follow your own claimed doctrines, yet still, you force it on others?! Please. I mean really, how does your whole “repentance” shit work anyway, because that would require you to take a good genuine look within yourself, and obviously you can’t do that to save your own life. Cuz if you did, this wouldn’t be happening.

The Truth is Love.

If it does not come from Love, it is simply untrue.

If it causes pain & suffering, it is not Love.

The end.

Don’t “believe”, know…

“The meaning of life”

Why do you need to have a purpose of Life? Why must you have one to live?

Is BEING not enough?

Is it not enough to just exist? In Love? In One? With the rest of Creation?

Life is Love, Love is Life… Why is Love, why is Life, not enough for you?

If you do not have Love, you do not have Life, therefore you really have absolutely nothing at all… And THAT is when your existence becomes pointless. THAT is when you must conjure up some fake reason/purpose to your existence (*cough* “civilization” *cough*), because in feeling as if your being is pointless, you in turn hate your being… You hate Life, you hate your Mother Earth… And THAT is when you start to look OUTSIDE of yourself, “losing” connection with yourself, with Life and all of Creation.

It has become very obvious to me that the real “purpose of Life” is Love. Is connection. One-ness. True intimacy. With All.

Because outside of this man-made System, outside the walls of Civilization that were built in attempt to keep us all stripped of our Mother, from Life, from our Source, from ourselves: that is all there really is. One-ness.

How can you not see it? How can you not feel it?

This is not some “new age” mumbo jumbo. This is not just some fucking idea.

Strip away ALL the external materialistic bullshit, and you have Reality. You have this. Love. Everything you’re searching for within a construct that’s built off of & relying on your self-hatred and illusion of separateness.

I do not fully understand why this is not enough for the majority of you.

I do not entirely comprehend why anyone would want to choose hatred & slavery & rape, all these futile ass things of “Civilization”…over LOVE. Over FREEDOM.

When you need not have to DO any of this. You don’t have to pay to live, live to pay. You don’t have to constantly be fighting, fighting wars, slaughtering millions upon millions to “be safe”. You don’t have to be in pain…

*sigh*… Why do you hate your Mother? The source of all Life? The source of YOUR life that you are inherently dependent on? Why do you rape her? Exploit her? When she already gives all TO ALL, for FREE. Why do you fight her? She doesn’t hate you, she doesn’t seek to harm you — it’s the entire opposite. She seeks to nourish & be nourished. Nothing more, nothing less… Yet you taint her, murder her with your poisonous & unnatural structures & concepts. Then you wonder why she gets angry and seeks to replenish herself via tornadoes & hurricanes & earthquakes, causing your fundamentally faulty & evil buildings to come tumbling down? … Why do you enslave your brothers & sisters? The “plants” and the “animals”? They aren’t out to get you either. Nor are they out to SERVE you. They weren’t created just for you. Mama doesn’t play favorites — we are not created to be “above” ANY ONE. We were created to simply BE WITH one another.

You cannot escape the Truth. You cannot defy nor re-define the REAL “law” of Life. The “laws” of “Nature”, that which was not created by humans, that which cannot be destroyed by humans. It just Is. And that is, that we are all connected. This is all One.

That is how it is intended to be and that is what will continue to be; no matter how hard you try to sepaRATE yourselves. No matter how strong you build your walls, your houses (again using materials from which you can only get from your MOTHER, need I remind you?), your religions, your System… All in an attempt to create some other purpose to exist, YOUR OWN KNOCK OFF VERSION of Life; because you hate your Mother, your Creator, you hate Life, you hate Love, aka you hate yourself. Your hate your BEING, your existence.

Life is the purpose of Life.

Your futile attempts to become the Creator, to FORCE Life to change into what your perverted mind, soul sickness wants…will not withstand. They will not last. They never did in past “civilizations”, so why do you still cling to it? Why do you still try to re-create it, giving it new guises every time? Why do you still try to “fix” it, to tweak it here & there, when it is fundamentally flawed? Fundamentally sick & evil? It doesn’t matter how you try to forge it, the bottom line is still the same.

What Is, is.

She is alive in every Woman

The Goddess is Alive in Every Woman
The True Story of How She Came to Be, How She Disappeared, and How She Returned

c. 1999, Susun S. Weed

In the beginning, everything began, as it always does, with birth. The Great Mother of All gave birth, and the Earth began to breathe. Again, and again, and again, the Great Mother gave birth. And the plants began to breathe and the animals began to breathe and the two-legged ones began to breathe. All forms of life began to breathe. To breathe, to live. In the air, on the land, in the water, and even in the fires of deep sulfurous vents where light never shines, all forms of life began to breathe. And they were all very hungry.

“What shall we eat?” they asked the Great Mother. “You eat me,” she said with a smile. And they did. They ate of Her body. The plants sent their roots down into the earth and they ate of Her flesh and Her bones. The plants drank Her clear blood. From her deep springs, from her flowing waters, the plants ate. And they grew strong. And they gave birth. The grasses multiplied and rippled in the wind. Roots grew fat and juicy. And everywhere there were amazingly-shaped leaves, and flowers of many colors, and fruits wondrous to behold.

The animals ate Her. They did not eat Her flesh and Her bones as the plants did. They could not send their roots into Her, for they had legs and they moved about on the face of the Earth. Some of the animals ate of the grasses that grew from the Mother. Some of the two-legged ones ate the seeds of the grasses and the roots of the plants and their leaves. They ate and they ate and they ate. They began to give to birth, too. Soon there were many, many mouths eating the Mother. There were many, many feet stirring up the red dust of the Mother. There were many mouths to praise her abundance. And many mouths to feed.

“I am you and you are me. I am here for you to eat. Now eat me. Eat all of me.” she urged them. And some of the animals ate Her flesh and Her bones in the form of the other animals. And some of the two-legged ones ate Her flesh and Her bones in the form of the animals. And her clear blood became red. And this red blood flowed in the bodies of the animals and the bodies of the two-leggeds who ate of the animals who ate of the plants who ate of Her. And the Great Mother was well pleased.

Now this red blood flowed in the bodies of the two-legged ones. It flowed in their bodies and it sang to them. This red blood sang to them of the endless wisdom of the Great Mother, and the endless dance of the moon, and the endless spiral of birth and life and death. And the ones who were round and full like the Mother felt the blood stirring in their bellies. The good red blood moved in their bellies and they were full of wonder, and they said to the Mother: “What shall we do with the red blood that moves so strongly in our bellies, Mother?” And she replied: “Give it to me. Return this blood to me. Nourish me. Allow me to replenish myself from your blood.” And so they did.

Each month when the moon grew dark and disappeared, the blood began to flow from between the legs of some of the two-legged ones. From the wombs of the two-legged ones, the blood flowed: red and rich and nourishing. The red blood flowed into Her and she said: “You are me and I am you. Your blood is my blood. And my blood is yours. Forever and forever, we will nourish each other. And if you will keep holy the days of your bleeding, I will teach you all the secrets of the plants and the animals. And if you will keep holy the days of your bleeding, I will teach you all the secrets of Heaven and Earth.” And so the women kept holy the days of their bleeding, and they grew wise in the ways of the plants, the ways of the animals, and the ways of Heaven and Earth.

And so it was for many, many turns of the Earth around the Sun. Until the change. No one really knows where it started. Like a small fire, at first it seemed harmless. The women were wise and they thought no harm could come to them. Were they not the very Earth herself? To harm a woman, was it not the same as harming the Mother? And who would be so foolish as to harm their own Mother? To harm the source of nourishment and comfort and strength?

Yet there were those who were so foolish. Deluded, they grew arrogant, and began to tell the story of creation in a strange way. They began to believe that a man gave birth to the Earth and to humans! They said that man was the source of all nourishment and wisdom. They said that man was the image of God, and that God was jealous, and angry, that God demanded pain and blood and despised the simple pleasures of the body, of the earth. They said that God lived above, not within the earth, that God lived in heaven and was above all life. They said that men were above all life, too. That man had dominion over all of life, over all of the Earth herself, to do with as he pleased.

Oh, how silly their stories were. Surely no one could believe such stories! Surely everyone could see clearly that woman was the source of life, and nourishment. Surely it was clear that the women’s blood was the life of the Earth and the life of the people. And that the pleasure of the body was holy, was sacred, was good. That the Earth was alive, was our true Mother, and must be respected. That we are part of Her, dependent on Her for our very breath.

But, like a small fire left alone when the wind is blowing, the strange stories of God, of man as creator, grew and multiplied. The small fire of deceit rapidly became a raging storm, a storm that threatened all life. For the men began to say that the blood of women was bad, that women’s moon time blood was dirty, unclean, even dangerous. They began to say that women themselves were dirty and dangerous. They began to say that the Earth was dirty and dangerous. They began to think of themselves as apart from the Earth, as separate from the Earth, as better than the Earth. They began to think of themselves as apart from women, as superior to women, as the master of women.
The women did their best to tend to the holy fires. The women did their best to keep the days of their bleeding sacred. The women did their best to teach their daughters how to learn from the plants and the animals and the Earth. And the women did their best to be true to the mysteries of the moon-time and the wisdom of the Great Mother.
But the men were lost. Without the wisdom of the women, alone and apart, the men forgot the ways of peace. They forgot that the Earth was their Mother. They forgot that all women were sacred. And they began to fight. At first they fought only among themselves. But soon the sickness spread and the men began to fight the women. They began to torture the women. They began to kill the women. They bound women’s feet for this pain gave men pleasure.

They burned women at the stake for how dare any woman pretend to know the healing ways of the plants. They stoned women to death for it frightened them to see even the smallest bit of her holy flesh. They cut out the pleasure parts from between her legs for here was a power that seemed uncontrollable. And they told her, again and again, until she began to believe it was true, that she was not sacred, that she was not made in the image of God.

They men told each other that women were inferior, that the animals were inferior, and that the plants were inferior. Soon, puffed up with false pride, the men began to devise ways to use the women and the animals and the plants without respect for their power, without respect for their sacredness. The men began to believe that their view of the world was the only view of the world.

From one side of the Earth to the other, they abused the women and the plants and the animals. They used them without regard and kept them locked away. They ignored the cries of pain. They came to believe that women and plants and animals actually enjoyed being hurt. They confused some women so terribly that these women began to believe that they actually were dirty and in need of punishment. They tortured so many women that the wisdom of the women seemed to be the lie, and the lies of the men took on the trappings of truth.

But the Great Mother lives in every woman. In every place and every time, the Great Mother shows herself in the form of every living woman. “Eat me.” she whispers in the dreams of the woman. And the woman throws off the bed covers and walks barefoot into the moonlit night. She is yearning. She feels a deep stirring in her belly. She looks at the moon and she fancies that she hears the moon speaking to her. “You are sacred. You are the beginning and the end of all existence. I am you and you are me. Keep sacred the days of your bleeding and I will share with you the wisdom of the plants and the animals and the very Earth.”

Can she believe it is true? Dare she believe the truth of the words she seems to hear? All her life she has been told that she is not pretty enough, nor smart enough, not strong enough. Everything seems to tell her that she is too round, too emotional, too sensitive. And not sacred, in fact, the complete opposite of sacred. All the days of her life she has heard the stories of the wonders of man, the creator. She has heard it so often that it has the sound of truth: God is a man. God is all powerful, so men are all powerful (and women are weak). God is clean, so men are clean (and women are dirty). God is pure, so men are pure (and women are filth). God never bleeds from between his legs and men never bleed from between their legs (so the flowing blood of women is a sickness, a curse, a punishment). How can she believe that her blood is sacred? How can she allow herself to feel pleasure, to name it good, to name it holy? How can she dare to believe that she is the Goddess?

Yes, the Goddess! The Goddess who is alive in every woman, in every place, in every time. The Goddess who whispers in our dreams. The Goddess who smiles in our lives. The Goddess who stirs the blood in our bellies. The Goddess who knows that every woman is wise and powerful and sacred. The Goddess who calls to us: “Keep the days of your bleeding sacred. Remember that your blood is the blood of life, the blood of peace. Feed me your blood, your moon-time blood, oh my daughter, my lover. Feed me, for I hunger and I thirst for you.

“Return to me. Return to yourself. Remember yourself. Remember me. I am the Great Mother. I am the Goddess. I am the Wise Woman. Listen to my words. Listen to my song. I am in you, thus I can never be lost. My story is your story. And it is the true story of birth and life and death. Eat me. Feed me. You are woman and so am I. Through me, you exist; through you, I exist. We are the ones who create. We are the ones who nourish. We are the ones who open the gates between the worlds. We are the ones who must reclaim ourselves, who must reweave ourselves.

“Oh sister, dear sister, the threads are thin, the song is faint. Tell me it is not too late. Tell me that you hear me. Tell me that you believe me. Tell me that the Goddess has returned. Tell me you are listening to the plants and the animals and your own deep knowing. Tell me you are looking past the slick, simple lies and into the messy, complex truth. Tell me that you feel the red blood stirring in your belly.

“Tell me it is not too late. Tell me the sisters are awakening. Tell me the moonlodge is rebuilt. Tell me that the words of White Buffalo Calf Woman were not in vain. Tell me that Kwan Yin’s heart is not breaking. Tell me that Venus is safe. Tell me that Artemis roams free in the woods. Tell me that Lilith is welcome at your table. Tell me that you remember that pleasure is holy to me. Tell me that you refuse to believe that you delight in pain.

“Tell me that you feel me reaching out to you from the deep core of your being, from time out of mind. Tell me that you feel me waking up inside you, waking you up to your beauty and your power. Tell me that you are reclaiming your truth and turning a deaf ear to the lies. Tell me that you remember that you are the Goddess. Tell me that you remember that you and I are the same. Tell me you keep sacred the days of your bleeding. Tell me you honor your crones.

“I have been with you since the beginning, and I will be with you at the end. I am part of you and you are part of me. Allow me to love you. Allow me to honor you. Allow me to return.”

Psychopathic Control Grid

Annie's Poetry

Steamy fog sweaps upward

Swirls and settles around everything

I inhale and breath what’s in the air

Thick mist of people’s agenda

Mixing with whispers

and senseless chatter

And I find myself

Quickly exhaling the black soot

And choking on the stench

Of twisted reality and lies

False beliefs like viruses

Permeate neural pathways

And twist the minds

Of the masses…

All the while

the delusional creatures

Create more delusions

Which multiply rapidly

Spreading out like a puddle

Of pooling blood

At a murder scene ; because

After all…

There are many kinds of death

And the soul-less ones

Try to steal that which they don’t have

Only to

Crush the light out of

Those who’s souls they rip out

Lest the truth revealers

Reveal what they see

And poets write the words

Others may consider

That might reveal the true nature

Of reality

Which the soul-less ones

Want kept…

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Seeing Wétiko

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“Memes can spread at the speed of thought but they usually require generations to change the core characteristics of cultures. What we can say is that the fingerprints of wetiko-like beliefs can be traced at least as far back as the Neolithic revolution, when humans in the Fertile Crescent first learned to dominate their environment by what author Daniel Quinn calls ‘totalitarian agriculture’ — i.e., settled agricultural practices that produce more food than is strictly needed for the population, and that see the destruction of any living entity that gets in the way of that (over-)production—be it other humans, ‘pests’ or landscaping—as not only legitimate but moral.

This early form of wetiko-logic received an amplifying power of indescribable magnitude with the arrival of Christianity. “Let us make mankind . . . rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground,” said an authority no less than God in Genesis 1:26. After 8,000 years of totalitarian agriculture spreading slowly across the region, it is perhaps not surprising that the logic finds voice in the holy texts that emerged there. Regardless, it was driven across Europe at the point of Roman swords in the two hundred years after Christ’s death. It is no coincidence that, in order for Christianity to become dominant, the existing pagan belief-system, with its understanding of humanity’s place within rather than above nature, had to be all but annihilated.8

The point is that the epidemiology of wetiko has left clear indicators of its lineage. And although it cannot be pathologized along geographic or racial lines, the cultural strain we know today certainly has many of its deepest roots in Europe. It was, after all, European projects—from the Enlightenment to the Industrial Revolution, to colonialism, imperialism, and slavery—that developed the technology that opened up the channels that facilitated the spread of wetiko culture all around the world. In this way, we are all heirs and inheritors of wetiko colonialism.”