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Why Black & White Thinking Is Harmful & Needs To Be Ignored ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD


I really am so over seeing how other people think we ‘must’ always be…


~ Like we ‘must’ always be ‘so strong’ all the time. Other people’s idea of strong, is not always what is necessary in each individual situation. And if we don’t meet their expectations, that does not make us weaker.

~ Like we ‘must’ always speak up and expose abusers etc. That is not always safe or the right thing to do, as it could worsen our situation. In fact, speaking up can cause more harm, and must be approached carefully and with caution.

~ Like we ‘must’ always be strong warrior survivors…. when that simply shames people who are struggling – and there is NO shame in struggling. And if some people need to wear that identity of being a warrior, that is fine, but they don’t get to shame others in the process.


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“Find the sacred middle & rest there”

“When powerful emotion surges – when you are hooked, triggered, and your vulnerability is erupting within you – it does so longing for two responses.

First, to be met with your presence. To be held as valid, as worthy of your curiosity, openness, and warmth. You don’t have to pretend to “like” the feeling, but will honor it in any case, as the way reality is appearing in this moment. In this sense, it is pure, it is part of who you are, filled with intelligence, and a reminder of your vow to no longer abandon yourself. The invitation is to stay close knowing that arguing with what is is the root essence of all suffering.

The sad one, the raging one, the shamed one, the unworthy one, the scared one, the confused one, the flat one, the jealous one – though they can be quite intense, they are not obstacles on your path. They just want to be heard, to be felt, to be cared for, to be re-parented, and to be allowed to share their experience, which until now perhaps they have not felt safe enough to do. They are not in the way of your path, but are the path itself, coming forward in a disguised form to reveal something about love that has been forgotten.

Please listen – not just with your ears, but with your heart. Each carries sacred data, but this information is released only into a field of kindness… not aggression. See that it is the abandonment of these ones that only reinforces their centrality in your tender inner circuitry.

Next, with your awareness, realize that the feeling is not who you are. It is not fused with you and does not in fact carry any information about your worth as a person. I “feel” bad does not equal I “am” bad. This was the organization of little one at an earlier time, trying to make sense of an environment of empathic failure, but is surging now to be reorganized and re-written. You must slow way, way down and discover this for yourself. For it is the key to a new world.

Pull back slightly and enter into relationship with your feelings. Separate a bit from them, but not so much that you dissociate and disembody. You may discover there is so much space around your experience. Practice intimacy while not fusing. This is a holy art that you can learn.

You are the warm, open field of awareness in which all feelings and emotions can come into being for a short while, dance within your nervous system, and then dissolve back into the vast, spacious ground from which they arose.

Find the sacred middle and rest there, in between the ancient pathways of denial and fusion. It is here in which the great process of metabolization by love will unfold and illuminate.

The new way is alive now and rippling inside you. The pathways are revealing their flexibility and their longing to be reorganized. Soothe the fire with your presence and a fiery compassion. Open your heart to your vulnerability and meet it with just one moment of awareness and with kindness. And then slow way, way down, and see what you are.”

~ Matt Licata

TRUE WORTH: how you feel about yourself is key

…I guess I feel like sharing stuff today

via ‘The Soulful Woman’

“My true worth is like an exquisite JEWEL that resides at the center of my heart. Its essence is Compassion & LOVE. As I hold my hands over my heart, I am reminded of this essence.

I know my WORTH is not dependent on who I think I am, who I should be, what I do or have. It is not dependent on what others think of me. It is unaffected by the ups & downs of everyday life. It is beyond success or failure.

My worth simply IS.
It is an essential part of my being that I was born with. It is my INNER LIGHT & Life-force.

No one can define my worth.
It is beyond measurement, beyond question, beyond doubt.
If there is an old belief inside of me that says I am unworthy, I RELEASE it now and let it go.

My true worth is intrinsic and SHINES from my inner being like a sacred jewel of Love & Compassion.

(…for nothing is more important than how you feel about yourself, because how you FEEL about yourself is the center from which you act & make decisions. Knowing and being CONNECTED to your own beauty, goodness & worth is the KEY to allowing more abundance, grace & ease into your life.)”

Absolutely no one has the power to define you

“She’s a woman unto herself

For awhile it was men that defined her

The way she wielded her sexuality

Where and how she fit into her place in society

Who she was at her core

What she believed in

Not anymore

That woman found herself

She stopped allowing others opinions and limitations to be the make-up of who she is


Life became a daily adventure

Of peeling back the layers of untruth

Unraveling the stories she’d been telling herself

Excavating her life to find it’s meaning

Every day finding more of who she was

And the more she found it

There was absolutely no turning back

Men no longer became a necessity for happiness, and instead were complimentary to it

She had a tenacious sense of purpose so there was no more questioning

The tough moments were embraced as a natural part of life, instead of something that had to debilitate her completely

Everything that didn’t feel healthy and supportive to her well-being was weeded out of the garden of her life

What was left was a love affair with herself

Not in a self-obsessed kind of way

But where she was so at peace with who she’d become

It no longer required external sources or things to bring her contentment

She just was

Taking each day at a time

Nothing could define her without her permission

She became a woman unto herself.”

By Alexandra Schueler

If anything, humanity has de-volved

Tell me how the fuck humans have “evolved” via Civilization… Let me not hold my breath.

Anyone with a teaspoon of a brain can easily see this is not the case. Please tell me how complete annihilation & genocide of our own kind, our kin (nonhuman alike), our Mother Earth — the very one we depend upon for our very existence is somehow growth or “evolving”?! Anyone with a teaspoon of a brain/heart/soul can see that this shit, “Civilization”, is a mass suicide, mass extinction of humanity and Life itself. It’s hilarious because as much as this cult-ure tries to glorify the “rationale”, logic, ect…it is the fucking epitome of retardation. There is absolutely ZERO true logic in your fake way of “life”. There is not one goddamn thing that is sustainable & real & good & healthy & logical about this fake ass world we’ve all been forced to exist in.

I will not break down the obvious here.

Look the fuck around.

If anything, “humanity” has DE-volved. Period.
You all aren’t even human. YOU “civilized people” are the aliens you’re always propagating… The “other” so called life forms you’re always terrified about coming to conquer you… Um, PROJECTING MUCH?!
You “civilized people” are the real demons & Satans.

You don’t have to believe me. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if you do or not. The truth speaks for itself, it stands by itself. It’s still there, being, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

And I know there will NEVER be some willing, deliberate mass transformation, a conscious turn around for the good of the Whole/Life; which is truly tragic because of what is to become of it. Mama has been giving you many chances to come back home to Love, told you over & over what will happen if you don’t stop misbehaving, but you refuse to stop the evil as if there’s no choice, as if it’s supposed to be this way, as if you aren’t in control of your actions. So, you will die. You will be exterminated like the disease that you are.

No, Life/the real world, will never come to an end. But your artificial existence known as Civilization will.

You can keep on trying to rationalize & justify insanity, you can keep on trying to normalize the abnormal & unnatural — but I personally refuse to play along… You don’t have to accept it.

Live free or die.