~ Anything on here is just a small fragment, a shard, of the Whole (that could never be fully/accurately articulated & expressed at once) that is my being. Take it how you feel so inclined to. ~

I do not adhere to any “religion”, group, sect, cult, movement, man-made doctrine or so-called “revolution” of any kind. I am just a lone individual; another diverse expression of Love/Life/Creation, attempting to speak my Truth while becoming the woman that I was created to be. I’m not here to preach or teach, gain affirmation, debate, or entertain you — this is merely one of my outlets for release & ventilation; ranging anywhere from personal thoughts to sharing information or anything else I wanna post, of course. If you resonate with what’s on here, okay. If you don’t, okay. You either feel me or you don’t, but I’m still gonna BE regardless.

It is what it is.


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