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it’s not even my “wrath” that you’ve gotta worry about.

It’s actually my peace.



I am a Whole, multi-faceted Being

Don’t try to shrink me.

Don’t try to get me to play small.

Don’t back me into a corner.

Don’t try to get me to stifle down or suppress any part of myself.

Unless, of course, you desire to be disappointed… ūüĆÄ

& then I realized…

Wanting you in my life, for no particular reason other than Love, was pure ~ holy ~ “right”.

There was nothing wrong with me for having that desire. There was nothing wrong with me for trying to breathe Love, breathe unity, wholeness, fusion, Life itself back into a broken & traumatized human’s existence.

As if somehow, because I had Love & was abused for it, that means something is wrong with me.

As if somehow, because I tried to touch the deepest wounds within you with the hand of Compassion, I was the one needing to change.

As if somehow, because I was being preyed upon, siphoned off of and projected upon, I was the weak one.

In being afraid of the trauma scenario repeating, it has attempted to cut me off from wanting to express my Love… Fearing my flame being smothered with hatred yet again… That fear coming from the belief you instilled that what you did to me was my fault. As if I shouldn’t trust my Love when I feel the expansive pull to dance in it.

No. My Love is my strength. Completely and unconditionally.

I am Love.

No one holds the power to take me away from me. No one holds the power to kill me – because even when you kill me, I am not dead. Love cannot die. Love is the very Life force of all of Creation.

No matter how much waste you dumped inside my oceans, no matter how much poison you’ve injected into my heart, no matter how much blood you’ve sucked from my veins, no matter how much marrow you’ve drained from my bones, no matter how many of my forests you’ve bulldozed, I am never dead — I always regrow, I always rebirth — no matter how barren or deserted I have appeared to be on the surface, Life/Love still flows underneath; the roots go deeper than my very core ~ places you could never reach no matter how hard you mine for my jewels to exploit, no matter how long or deep you think you’ve drilled into my soils.

I am here, and I am alive.

My Love is my strength… Stronger & deeper than your hatred. You cannot beat me, you cannot penetrate me, you cannot steal my essence, you cannot destroy me.

There was absolutely no weakness, no woundedness, no “naivety”, no wrongness or badness in loving.

That was all you.

Love & fusion isn’t the problem. Hatred & separation is.

I’m not the problem, you are.

I will Love my way through.

Love is the antidote.

The antidote to your sickness, but just as a rabid creature refuses to drink the water, you rejected the cure that I offered unconditionally, and for free.

Yet this was all my fault?

Yet I just brought this all onto myself?

…let me stop here.

Love is the antidote.

Bring on the storms.

The Dark Arts of the Patriarchy – [Wetiko]

People don’t have to be sacrificing goats and virgins around a buncha lit candles while chanting shit to be practicing evil.

This world/society (Civilization) we’ve all been brought up in is BUILT off of the very “dark arts”/”witchcraft”, SORCERY that they’ve always claimed to be against.

Coercion. Force. Rape. Fear-mongering. Control. Manipulation, ect. To traumatize. ALL of this shit, on a personal & collective level, is evil. That is the real “dark arts”. The real trickery, the real “witchery” (in terms of what they say that word is supposed to mean).

This “civilization” and the so called “freedom” that THEY “GAVE” you (and how any other human can even¬†give¬†you your freedom/rights in the first place is beyond me), is an illusion. This shit the majority of you all think is “life” (Civilization); separated from our Mother Earth, is a deep, deep trance/spell.

If you agree with or justify (try to, anyway) ANY of the things that have come about due to this world, you are indeed under their spell. And by buying into their propaganda, spreading it around, you perpetuate this massive spell.

This “civilization” has been the ULTIMATE PROJECTION cast upon us.

The very¬†institutions, religions, entities, societies, cultures, what the fuck ever, who condemn others (especially women), proclaiming that they are evil terrorists, and in particular obviously, screaming about “witches” and “witchcraft” and any form of so-called “dark arts”; are the ones actually using it.

THEY’RE the ones manipulating/using “sorcery” to keep us all under their control.

I’m not gonna break it down because it’s obvious.


…but here’s another quotation from Lucy Pearce’s book ‘Burning Woman’, because thank you, Lucy.

The Dark Arts of the Patriarchy

“Despite claiming distaste and disbelief in witchcraft, our [perverted] masculine culture has a powerful understanding of the dark arts. It’s how they’ve kept their stranglehold on power for all this time.

It is not that they are cleverer, stronger, divinely endowed or even in the majority, despite their claims to the contrary.

It’s that they use forms of mind and spiritual control, more subtle, but not that much less powerful, than the overt violence we stood witness to in the last section.

The dark arts are psychological reminders of the real violence that can be played out without warning on our bodies and minds. But because they are invisible, and take place in the shadows, they are a more insidious form of control and when confronted can easily be denied, laughed off or turned back on the recipient as crazy imaginings.

Some of the most common of the dark arts of coercion that are commonly used in our culture include:
– fear
– shame, humiliation, embarrassment, discrediting difference as ‘madness’
– controlling bodies — through strict dress codes, veiling, starvation… [& quite obviously THE BASIC¬†NECESSITIES¬†OF LIFE ON THIS EARTH¬†such as food, water, housing, clothing, ect. and forcing/coercing us all to have to SLAVE LABOR just for these things, our basic necessities for our “survival” that has already been provided FOR FREE VIA THE EARTH HERSELF.. DUH?]
– banishment or threat of banishment
– rewards… and threats
– repression and dissociation
– imposing hierarchy and clear authority
– keeping people small, powerless, impoverished and infantilized [as I said above]
– exhaustion and lack of adequate rest or recovery time
– unattainable standards
– a focus on the external
– closely policed spiritual and sexual experience

As a trained teacher, I recognize that we are taught many of these in our arsenal of control. As a parent I know that all mainstream parenting advice centers round them too.

Those are the tools of coercion, the rules of play in the patriarchy. Naturally they are the back bone of most patriarchal religions.

First they are used against us by authority figures when we are younger, when they are physically more powerful than us, and can enforce them. Then we learn to internalize them, creating a super-ego, or internal authority figure which continues the job on their behalf.

Each of these weapons in the arsenal of dark arts is a complex energy trap, taking our natural power and turning it against ourselves in a deadly game of self-policing in order to survive.

Whilst the dark arts remain nameless and invisible, they keep control of us: sticking to us like spiders’ webs in the dark, confining our movements, filling us with unconscious fears of what might happen next.

Each of these dark arts works to activate fear within us.

The fear of being found out, the fear of being shamed, the fear of rejection, the fear of pain, the fear of loss of freedom or finances, the fear of abandonment and the ultimate fear — the fear of death.”

…another mini ventilation…fuck your bullshit.

If anything, humanity has de-volved

Tell me how the fuck humans have “evolved” via Civilization… Let me not hold my breath.

Anyone with a teaspoon of a brain can easily see this is not the case. Please tell me how complete annihilation & genocide of our own kind, our kin (nonhuman alike), our Mother Earth — the very one we depend upon for our very existence is somehow growth or “evolving”?! Anyone with a teaspoon of a brain/heart/soul can see that this shit, “Civilization”, is a mass suicide, mass extinction of humanity and Life itself. It’s hilarious because as much as this cult-ure tries to glorify the “rationale”, logic, ect…it is the fucking epitome of retardation. There is absolutely ZERO true logic in your fake way of “life”. There is not one goddamn thing that is sustainable & real & good & healthy & logical about this fake ass world we’ve all been forced to exist in.

I will not break down the obvious here.

Look the fuck around.

If anything, “humanity” has DE-volved. Period.
You all aren’t even human. YOU “civilized people” are the aliens you’re always propagating… The “other” so called life forms you’re always terrified about coming to conquer you… Um, PROJECTING MUCH?!
You “civilized people” are the real demons & Satans.

You don’t have to believe me. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if you do or not. The truth speaks for itself, it stands by itself. It’s still there, being, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

And I know there will NEVER be some willing, deliberate mass transformation, a conscious turn around for the good of the Whole/Life; which is truly tragic because of what is to become of it. Mama has been giving you many chances to come back home to Love, told you over & over what will happen if you don’t stop misbehaving, but you refuse to stop the evil as if there’s no choice, as if it’s supposed to be this way, as if you aren’t in control of your actions. So, you will die. You will be exterminated like the disease that you are.

No, Life/the real world, will never come to an end. But your artificial existence known as Civilization will.

You can keep on trying to rationalize & justify insanity, you can keep on trying to normalize the abnormal & unnatural — but I personally refuse to play along… You don’t have to accept it.

Live free or die.

I am not a “Feminist”

Labels for every damn thing, I swear. Is it so unfathomable to not subscribe to any one doctrine or “con-cept”? It really shows the urges to have to pin down everything. BREAK IT down. Categorize it. Decipher it. Put it in a box and give it a name.

How does merely recognizing & embracing the sacredness of true Womanhood make someone a “feminist”? How could you even put a natural, essential truth/part of Life into a box? What does that say about the very Civilization who gives that necessary, obvious “law of Nature” a label, that has to make some “movement” out of it?

There is a massive difference between the true Feminine and this typical “feminist movement”. Must I state the obvious?

This pseudo-feminine shit is just counterproductive, as is every other “liberation” movement. Because they all continue to miss the point. They all fail to address the root. They fail to take the real problem to the real solution. Instead of focusing on the root, they’re too busy examining the leaves. Instead of trying to heal the sickness, they try to medicate the symptoms.

Essentially what these “liberation movements” are doing, especially honing in on this feminist shit, is just trying tweak the very System that was built off of & requires your oppression. I mean, the very fact that you have to “fight for your rights”, just shows that you never had them and you never will within the System. For who truly has the “power” to give or take away your “rights”? Certainly no other human being. That there’s this illusion of power, allowing elevation of one group of people above another; some authority, hierarchy just shows that our fundamental birthright, the right from which all others stem; the right to BE (left alone) has already been raped repeatedly.

Really, what’s happening here when people are fighting for (again, why would you have to in the first place?) their right to be treated as equals, what you’re really fighting for is elevation on the slave/hierarchical scale. You’re fighting for your piece of the W√©tiko/Cannibal exploitation pie. You’re fighting for your “right” to partake in the very Evils that put you in that “lesser” position to begin with. You’re fighting for your “right” to contribute to & uphold the very System that forced you & your entire lineage into it.

The Elite are well aware of this too. They enjoy your futile protests and rallies. They’re glad that you’re only fighting for your “equal pay” because irregardless, ownership over you & your exploitation is still guaranteed, no biggie. Keep focusing on the irrelevant things while they continue to siphon off of you to keep their agenda rolling…which is your enslavement, your Stockholm Syndrome loyalty to them. Your dissociation.

And this is why almost every “revolution” has failed. Not surprising, seeing as how “revolution” literally means to go in circles. And this is all they’ve done. Go in circles. Trading one boss/cannibal for another, taking over & continuing the same ole bullshit; never changing the ROOT.

As long as humanity continues to play along with this gigantic game, fueling the delusions of power for these psychos, you will never be free. You will never be happy. You will never have peace.

There is no fixing the System. Try to rearrange it all you want, but it is fundamentally evil. Nothing good has ever and will never come from this.

So that’s all I’m gonna say about these movements. They’re pointless and insane because they’ve been perverted & infiltrated by the same disease. They’re stemming from THE SAME CORE issue that got us here in the first place.

I will also add though, that this aggressive male-dominated insanity known as “civilization”, has absolutely nothing to do with TRUE Manhood. TRUE Masculinity. This is the perverse “masculine”, faggotry. Yes, this shit was founded by faggots. So for so-called feminists, what do you expect? A faggot is only a faggot because they hate the Woman. Only a faggot hates the Woman. Not the Man. The System cannot go on without the exploitation of Mother Earth and the Feminine. It is the key. It is the foundation.

And the divide & conquer tactics first began with the Man and the Woman. Also a key. Because the sanctity of both coming together in unison, internally & externally, would be an unstoppable force. They knew this, they saw this. So of course they would turn Man against Woman. Of course they would try to separate them into two. Literal Man & Woman and the internal Masculine & Feminine within one. There is no dichotomy between Man & Woman! They are One! (So man-hating feminists, your shit is JUST as fucked. You’re just as delusional, partaking in the hatred, THE Lie.)

And as I’ve been saying, this System is just these faggots’ way of mimicking real Life. That’s all Civilization is. A knock off, tranny/perverse/phony attempted version of living to replace the Real. Jealous narcissistic cannibal faggots (masquerading as “men” or even blatant faggots) pretending to be the givers of Life while subjugating the actual ones (Woman/Earth).

So no, I am not a “feminist.” I am not an anything. I merely recognize and value Life for what it truly is.

To label/stereotype anyone is to contain them. Control them. That’s why “they” have so many fake alternatives already set up to turn to. The Gatekeepers; with all their different religions & cults & movements & oppositions; just another swing on the pendulum…but you’re still trapped within the same ole bullshit. The same exact structure banking off of & stemming from the oppression of Life itself. It’s all controlled. It’s all pasteurized. You’re still playing their game.

Another good example of this within the feminist movement is this “ancient Goddesses worship”. Yet do you not realize that those goddesses of Agriculture played one of the major key roles in the rape of the Earth, and thusly your rape? Those ancient “mystery religions” go hand in hand with this Civilization. The perverted masculine had already begun dominating. And these “mystery religions” aren’t even suppressed — they are everywhere you go. They are in the foundation of every other mainstream religion. They are the foundation of all this shit. Nothing about this civilization is different from all the others who rose & fell.

But that’s all I’m gon vent about this for now. It’s always too easy to veer off into so many other directions that play into it all.

I love the Feminine. I love the Masculine. I love Life.

And for those of you who actually do know what’s really going on, and my fellow sisters who do claim the term “feminist” & are trying to fight the System as a whole, this ain’t about you. I just personally do not wish to subscribe to any one thing… As always, merely calling out the frauds. But you should already know. Be weary of confining yourself, it’s easy to get distracted & sucked into bullshit.